C6 The Sixth Generation
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C6 The Sixth Generation

The year 2005 saw the unveiling of the sixth generation of the Corvette. The C6 retained the front engine rear transmission of the C5, but the body was redesigned as well as the interior. A new engine was unveiled listed as a 6.0 liter, or 365 cubic inches with an output of 400 hp and was now called the LS2. That is only 5 hp less than the 2004 Z06.

For the first time since 1962, the Corvette once again has fixed headlights. To many Corvette enthusiasts these were not well received. Also the rear area of the C6 was reduced and the overall length was reduced by 5.1 inches.

With three different suspensions available for the new C5, no C5 suspension component was carried over to this new generation. The buyer had a choose of the standard base suspension package that still gave a nice precise feel, the F55 Magnetic Selective Ride which will adjust the shock damping based on changing road conditions and the way you are driving the car. Final is the Z51 will give you the feel of almost that of the Z06.

Some of the changes mentioned came from the Corvette Racing Team. One item was the fixed headlights which added to the aerodynamic in the front as well as the new grill opening. The 2005 was the first year of the keyless access and start. Door lock / unlock and push button start was controlled with the keyfob.

There were five (5) exterior paint colors that were an option three (3) at the start of production and two (2) later in the year. Although listed in the available paint colors, they were only available it selected in the option list at an additional cost of $750.00. They were LeMand Blue, Millennium Yellow, Magnetic Red with Velocity Yellow and Monterey Red comw later in the year.

The convertible was not available when the C5 was first released but was later in the production run. Also missing from the 2005 model year was the Z06. One C5 was painted in Torch Red bur carried the paint code 27 for Precision Red. Later the paint went to Victory Red. Production number reached a total of 37,372 with 26,728 being coupes and 10,644 convertibles.

With the 2006 model year came the new Z06 with the LS7 engine rated at 427 cubic inches and an output of 505 hp with a dry sump oil system and a weight of only 3,132 pounds. The Z06 received a larger grill plus a cold air scoop. The front fenders were wider and were carbon fiber. A new six-speed paddle shift automatic was available in 2006 for the base model LS2 engine package. Chevrolet Corvette was back at the Brickyard for a sixth time with a Red-White & Blue Z06 pacing the field for the 2006 Indy 500. Total production numbers were 34,021 in which 16,598 coupes, 11,151 convertibles and 6,272 hardtops.

There were two special editions Corvette's produced in 2007. The first one with a very limited amount produced was the Ron Fellows Special Edition. This Z06 was to honor Ron Fellows who drove for Corvette Racing Team. The car was painted in Arctic White with Monterey Red fender stripes and a special interior trim. A total of 399 were produced 300 went to US dealerships, 33 to Canada and 66 to Europe. The second special edition was the, you guessed it the Indy 500 Pace Car Edition. A total of 500 of these cars were produced in Atomic Orange. Large cross drilled rotors were standard with the Magnetic Selective Ride Control. Total production reached 40,561 with 21,484 coupes, 10,918 convertibles and 8,159 hardtops.

In 2008 a new base engine was available, known as the LS3. This new engine was increase from the previous 364 cubic inched up to 376 cubic inches and the horsepower jumped up to 430. The Duel Mode Exhaust System used a vacuum actuated valve that was controlled by rpm and the position of the throttle this option would increase the LS3 output to 436 hp. XM radio, OnStar and auto-dimming rearview mirror were standard equipment. A special edition 427 Z06 was offered in 2008 and all were painted in Crystal Red, and total 505. All of these special edition cars were signed by Will Cooksey, who retired as the Bowling Green Plant Production Manager. The 2008 Z06 running on E85 fuel was the pace car at the Indy 500 and all 266 were numbered and signed by Emerson Fittipaldi. The Hertz rental Car company had 500 special appointed Corvette's produced in Velocity Yellow with a center black stripe and special wheels for the Hertz Fun Club rental. This RPO ZHZ was not available to the public. Production numbers were down from the past year of just over 40,000 to 35,310 and 20,030 were coupes, 7,549 convertibles and 7,731 hardtops.

The big news for 2009 was the release of the new ZR1. This was the first 200 mph + production Corvette ever produced. This was also the first Corvette produced with a root-type supercharger as standard equipment and it developed 630 hp. The 2009 model year gave the buyer had a nice selection of different configuration to choice from. There was the base coupe, convertible, Z06, ZR1, Competition Sport, and the GT1 Championship Edition. Total production was down almost by two thirds with only 16,956 Corvette's rolling off the line at Bowling Green. There were 8,737 coupes, 3,343 convertibles, 3,461, Z06's (includes the Competition Sport Edition and the GT1 Championship Edition)and 1,415 ZR1's.

With the introduction of the 2010 model year we welcome back the Grand Sport. This replaced the Z51 performance handling package and although it had the base LS3 engine package, it was equipped with the wide body panel's larger wheels and tires as well as other parts from the Z06. The Grand Sport was available in both coupe and convertible. The production numbers were down even more then the past year with only 12,194 total Corvette's produced for 2011. There were 3,054 base coupes , 1,003 base convertibles, 3,707 Grand Sport Coupes, 2,335 Grand Sport Convertibles, 1,577 ZR1's and the amazing low number of Z06's was only 518. As you can see the buying public took to the all new Grand sport which accounted for 49.5% of all the new 2010 Corvette's. Here is a 3 minute video on the Grand Sport with Corvette Racing's own Ron Fellows,

Again in 2011 Chevrolet offered the base coupe and convertible with the LS3 engine and you could also order the Grand Sport in a coupe or convertible. The ZR-1 and the Z06 were the outright performance cars, but for 2011 there was a newcomer, known as the Z06 Carbon Limited Edition. This limited edition Corvette brought to the street many features from the Corvette racing Team. There are only 500 of these being built and they came in two colors, Inferno Orange and Supersonic Blue. It uses the light weight Z06 engine with the handling and braking of the ZR1. The production numbers for the 2011 model year were up slightly of the previous year with a total of 3,112 base coupes, 780 base convertibles, 5,212 Grand Sport Coupes, 2,782 Grand Sport Convertibles,904 Z06, 252 Carbon Limited Edition and 806 ZR1's.

With the 2012 model year marked a milestone in Chevrolet history. This is the 100th year for the Chevrolet and to honor Louis Chevrolet GM released a special edition Corvette called the Centennial Edition. This special edition is available in all the models. The Centennial Edition comes in a Carbon Flash exterior finish with Ebony interior that is done with red stitching. The is micro fiber accents in the steering wheel, shifter, seats and arm rest. The wheels are done in a stain black with a red stripe (except the GS) around the lip of the wheel and all come with the Selective Ride Control. Also included are red calipers. This year you can order the calipers in three different colors, Gray, Yellow or Red. In all the models the seat cushions and backs have larger bolsters giving you better lateral support. Here is a short 2 minute video on the 2012 Centennial Edition Corvette. The Production numbers for the 2012 model year were down from those of the 2011 run by almost 1,500 units. There were 2,820 base coupes, 5,056 Grand Sport Coupes, 621 base convertibles, 2,268 Grand Sport convertibles, 478 Z06's and 404 ZR1's.

The 2013 model year marks the 60th Anniversary of Corvette as well as the final model year for the C6 generation.and to commemorated this special year, Corvette is offering the most powerful Corvette convertible ever. You can now order the LS7 engine package in the Corvette convertible. This Corvette can be ordered with the 60th Anniversary design package as well as any of the other available Corvette colors. You can still order the base coupe and convertible as well as the Grand Sport coupe and convertible along with the Z06 and ZR1. All 2013 models can be ordered in the special 60th Anniversary design package also.
The 427 convertible will have several carbon fiber components to help reduce the weight. Beside the carbon fiber raised hood, front fenders and floor panels, the CFZ carbon fiber front splitter and rocker panels will be an option on the 60th anniversary package. The 60th anniversary package will be an Arctic White exterior with a Blue Diamond leather wrapped interior, convertibles will come with a blue top.
The final production numbers for the 2013 model years is as follows,7,705 coupes, 5,008 convertibles, 471 Z06 and 482 ZR1's. Of the 5,008 convertibles, 2,552 were equipped with the 427 LS7 engine option.

C6 Paint Codes

Listed below are the different paint codes for teh C6 generation. Although previous generations did not have complete or accurate numbers that match up to the production numbers the C6 figures are accurate.


10 - Arctic White - 1,968
19 - LeMans Blue - 3,759
27 - Precision Red** 3,759
27 - Torch Red*** - 1
41 - Black - 7,995
45 - Velocity Yellow**** - 760
67 - Machine Silver - 6,805
71 - Daytona Sunset Orange - 2,981
74 - Victory Red - 5,617
79 - Millennium Yellow - 2,002
80 - Monterey Red**** - 717
86 - Magnetic Red - 3,404


10 - Arctic White***** - 1,588
19 - LeMans Blue***** 3,459
41 - Black***** - 7,243
45 - Velocity Yellow***** - 4,122
67 - Machine Silver***** - 4,984
71 - Daytona Sunset Orange***** - 1,729
74 - Victory Red***** - 5,844
80 - Monterey Red - 5,052


10 - Arctic White***** - 2,387
19 - LeMans Blue***** - 3,854
41 - Black***** - 9,526
45 - Velocity Yellow***** - 3,755
67 - Machine Silver***** 5,518
74 - Victory Red***** - 6,708
80 - Monterey Red - 5,023
83 - Atomic Orange***** - 3,790


10 - Arctic White - 1,974
41 - Black - 9,380
45 - Velocity Yellow - 3,264
67 - Machine Silver - 3,660
74 - Victory Red - 5,638
83 - Atomic Orange - 2,246
85 - Jetstream Blue - 3,728
89 - Crystal Red - 5,420


10 - Arctic White - 863
17 - Blade Silver - 1,642
19 - LeMans Blue - 1
41 - Black - 3,665
45 - Velocity Yellow - 1,370
57 - Cyber Gray - 3,104
70 - Torch Red - 2,231
83 - Atomic Orange - 726
85 - Jetstream Blue - 1,367
89 - Crystal Red - 1,987
* Indicates colors available for the Z06 and the ZR1.


10 - Arctic White - 965
17 - Blade Silver - 974
41 - Black - 2,930
45 - Velocity Yellow - 694
57 - Cyber Gray - 1,699
70 - Torch Red - 2,249
85 - Jetstream Blue - 969
89 - Crystal Red - 1,714


10 - Arctic White - 1,133
17 - Blade Silver - 1,037
28 - Inferno Orange - 790
41 - Black - 2,891
45 - Velocity Yellow - 867
57 - Cyber Gray - 1,197
70 - Torch Red - 2,264
85 - Jetstream Blue - 581
89 - Crystal Red - 1,419
GLB - Supersonic Blue - 1,417


10 - Arctic White - N/A
17 - Blade Silver - N/A
28 - Inferno Orange - N/A
45 - Velocity Yellow - N/A
57 - Cyber Gray - N/A
58 - Carbon Flash (Centennial)
70 - Torch Red
89 - Crystal Red
GLB - Supersonic Blue - N/A
GLF - Carlisle Blue - N/A


GXH - Night Race Blue Metallic- N/A
10 - Arctic White- N/A
17 - Blade Silver Metallic- N/A
28 - Inferno Orange Metallic- N/A
41 - Black- N/A
45 - Velocity Yellow- N/A
57 - Cyber Gray Metallic- N/A
70 - Torch Red- N/A
89 - Crystal Red- N/A
* This number on all years represent the total number for coupe, convertible and Z06
** Precision Red was only available in the early production run, later replaced with Victory Red.
*** There was one Corvette painted in Torch Red that had the Precision Red Code #27
**** Velocity Yellow & Monterey Red were available in late 2005 production.
***** Indicates colors available on the Z06. In 2007 the Ron Fellows Special Edition was only available in Arctic White ****** final figures not yet available